Anthony Davis, LeBron James lead Lakers to win vs. Warriors | 2019 NBA Highlights

添加 2019年10月 6日
Anthony Davis scores 17 of his 23 points in the first quarter and LeBron James adds 15 as the Los Angeles Lakers stars sit out the second half vs. the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry leds the Warriors with 18 points in the first half while D'Angelo Russell contributes four points in his preseason debut with the Dubs. The Lakers come away with a 123-101 victory.
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  • Free Hong Kong! ✊🏼

  • Lecry blames can't complain now. He can pretend he's a good teammate now and a pro

  • this is what i was hoping to see last night at my first NBA game but... no

  • anthony's size and versatility is immediately noticeable.

  • Gogogo Lakers

  • Why is it that ESPN is the only Highlights Video post that SPOILS the ending in the title! Do they not realize that people still record games for later? Do they not realize that people might want to be surprised, even when watching a Highlights Video? When they show highlights, live on their various shows, they don't start with "Lakers Win,....and now the highlights!". Take a cue from Jerry Seinfeld...DON'T TELL US THE SCORE!!" least not in the title. Rookie move ESPN!!

  • Con LeBron e Davis saranno dolori

  • i want to see prime lebron james

  • Lakers is weak. They cant be champion in 2020. Mark this word. Only 3 point for winning. Not could be supposed. You must put 20points

  • Congrats Juan Toscano 🇲🇽👏👏👏

  • That teabag tho

  • the defense rules these days are a joke. Jordan would average 60ppg in 2018

  • Lakers OP

  • 2v5 game

  • LeBron looks thick, i can see an injury waiting to happen.

  • Lakers taking it this year, can't wait till they whoop the clippers, can't stop the Lakers, lol no way

  • 49er fans? Who knew they would dominate this early!?

  • No need to watch the NBA this upcoming season...................It's over before it began. Trade Rondo to the Knicks... No Rondo no Lakers.

  • Lakers. is wake up from long sleep.

  • It looked like Dwight had 0 elevation,sad what happened with his injuries. My boy used to could jump out the gym effortlessly.

  • Game over

  • This wont last long.... having all eyes on AD makes lebron jealous....

    • Ryan Lumagbas dumb af, LeBron is the one who let d wade do his thing, and d wade said no, ur the man on this team

  • They just need 2 more allstars HA

  • Rondo is the key ...

  • Lebron And Anthony Davis The Goat

  • Gooo Lakers 😊😊😊😊


  • Great nba!!!

  • Great Davis!!!!!!

  • 1979- poor players play, rich people watch 2019-- rich players play, poor people watch

    • LeBron James once a poor though... perhaps you dont know his story

    • average nba player salary in 1979 was around 200k... which is about 700k+ today.... so why is it that you think the players were poor? talking point? searching for likes? enlighten me

  • LBJ & AD toying GREEN

  • Dude the Lakers are all jacked. AD, LeBron, and Howard need to share what's getting put in their water.

  • I still think yellow is a weird color for Lebron lol

  • Whoa it’s no longer the super team era... it’s now the “Fantasy Team” starring Willow & Valdemont :)

  • is this a preseason game?

  • Anthony Davis is a FREAK

  • God bless this team and the nba, no injuries, hustle, passion 🙏

  • If GSW had Klay it would be a murder

  • james FINALLY surrounded by a good roster.sure champ ! ! !

  • Sixers still winning the championship

  • Warriors fans😭😭😭

  • This brings memories of Kobe and Shaq

  • Please basketball gods, make them stay healthy the whole season 🙏

  • GSW are too small now

  • Who else is excited?

  • Why are the Lakers playing so hard? This game means nothing.

  • Lakers haters are seriously out there no one said nothing when the clippers got blown out but when the lakers win everyone saying its just preseason. Hate have started

  • The lakers are long this year👀

  • Say what you want but when you got 2 of the top 5 nba players in the world today on the same team Lakers are gonna beast this year jus watch

  • Gotta love the Lakers

  • name of that reporter?

  • Wake me up when the playoffs start

  • No mention on ESPN today of the situation between China and the league? No one sticking up for Daryl Morey?

  • This cant be fair? The Lakers are becoming an all star team.

  • Lakers fans really think they winning it all now😂😂

  • Why didn't they give the stadium more seats if the population is growing smh

  • Headband Lebron is dangerous if y’all ain’t know already ! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The chemistry is crazy everyone was playing good

  • Support 911, kill NBA