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1:02:31Fantasy Focus Live! Week 7 preview
1:02:21Fantasy Focus Live! Rankings
Fantasy Focus Live! Rankings意见 39K3 天 前


  • Vince Carter was drafted before Trae Young was born.

  • I cannot stand the Patriots but even I know the team is heavily favored as AFC champs. The best coach to quarterback combo in league history.

  • "Who caaaaaares?" "Who caaaaares?" ....SAS

  • Stars of The Warriors VS the Shock Absorbers of LA :)

  • I think they all wrong I am right

  • This whole game was fake. Like the whole thing. What I mean is, this whole series everyone I mean everyone was on KD nuts hugging tight. When I say the haters I mean they hate him deeeply. I heard people who hate him straight suckin. Now if I ask their opinion, “he’s soft he’s trash because blah blah”. So to see this game was crazy.

  • If your a patriots fan 90% chance your a bandwagoner. anyone else tired of seeing them ruin the nfl? Leave! give other teams a shot cant wait for brady to retire its coming within the next 5 years for sure then we wont see patriots doing good as often when brady goes the team will crumble theyol still be decent but nothing close to what it is right now

  • I think everyone had the same feeling watching Zion, an injury waiting to happen. Personally, I find the Pelicans guilty. They knew his history and they knew the pressure coming with this kind of celebrity and what that can do to a young man. They should have had a way different approach to what they allow him to do.

  • Alhamdulilah...Khabib won and managed to slap the clown during the actual fight. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I was always convinced that SAS didn’t watch I’m starting to think he doesn’t like it at all. How are you that I’m inept on evaluating these teams

  • 2:58

  • Y’all fishing with these titles....

  • Basketball season has arrived now any nfl fans that teams losing will migrate to the NBA.

  • They holding Carson accountable for everything. All he needs is an above average defense to win a SB bc he’s got Doug. But even MVP’s like Pat Mahomes are proof that a banged up, unreliable defense isn’t going to cut it against the NFL’s best.

  • Garrett has 2 playoff wins

  • fake sports news! zion played 28 games in a row without any problem last year in college until that old shoe exploded on this feet!

  • The fact is the Rams have played the 6-0 49ers, the 5-1 Saints, the 5-1 Seahawks, and the 4-2 Panthers. The Rams will be fine. Look at the 9ers opponents so far.

  • Nick Bosa says hi. Go 49ers

  • You all make me sick worshipping a Slave TO Corporate suits

  • 1:51 Mark giving ol dude that death stare , like "TF YoU TALKING ABOUT?!"

  • yeah theres something wrong with him, its called CTE

  • "we have a brother?" haha

  • Joel Embiid is dominant.

  • Mark Sanchez knows what he's talking about when the subject is disastrous situations at QB.

  • Don't know what's worse, the Laker's or arrogant Laker fans, or Lebron's whiny- 'I need all the best players to win still I'm the greatest' mentality, or Davis's -'my eyebrow's more interesting then my personality', or Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright -" Lebron shits diamonds..." Hope the Laker's get smoked by whomever.

  • I know Warriors can do it

  • AD already injured for the Lakers Paul George to miss the first few games for the Clippers Klay out until some time next year for the Warriors KD basically out the entire season + playoffs for the Nets Harden playing like Westbrook isn't there for the Rockets

  • Max!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾😱😱😱😱😱! That’s what I’m talking about lol

  • “ My birthday is today, but my present arrived yesterday “ Happy birthday SAS😭😭

  • Russ is beginning to be more assertive

  • HHHHMMM Seahawks, that game to game contract doesn't sound like a bad Idea, Just sayin!

  • The playoffs are the limit.

  • “Make or Miss league” well boys this is not hopscotch.

  • Football gods like messing with the browns fans I swear freaking comedians they are!!!

  • I think i saw Greg Olsen in one of those Shrek movies, esp that chin.

  • Aaron Rodgers makes us better as coaches. Don't let Skip Bayless or Colin Cowherd hear that

  • zion isn't going to have a long career unless he learns to beat players with technique and position instead of raw force like he's been doing

  • Brad Beal is a B+ player on A+ money. I know you’ve gotta keep your stars when you get them but that just seem excessive for above average at best.

  • I can see Deshaun or Lamar thinking they just have to run with the ball and the Pats D will punch the ball out, and that will change everything, in the AFC Championship game.

  • I don't know what's worse, the Laker's or arrogant Laker fans, or Lebron's whiny- 'I need all the best players to win' mentality, or Davis's -'my eyebrows more interesting then my personality, or Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright talking about how Lebron shits diamonds. Hope the Laker's get smoked by whowever.

  • What happens if the g league grew bigger than college basketball things would switch

  • Yo does anyone else think Rachel is the most annoying person they’ve ever seen on ESPN or am I trippin

  • EURO DUO have to be an ALL STAR !!!!! GIANNIS AND LUKA !!!!! no more words .... also goran dragic !!!

  • I'm worried that when tom retires people are going to give 100 percent of the credit to bill for all of the Pat's success and that's just not right

  • AJ GREEN STEFON IF ......IF THEY SIGN WITH my Patriots then the haters fate is seal!!!

  • Harden looking nappy af

  • Should you or should I have to tell him?

  • Same old ball hog

  • And just before the packers game :/ I was hella ready for it and now we cant watch the best 2 throwers of the football play 💔

  • He is going to be horribly injury prone. His career will last nine years tops

  • I just saw a hic up in the schedule - apparently the Lakers and Warriors play each other 82 times this year. The playoff implications remain unclear.

  • *If the sneak worked* : Great play call by Andy Reid!! *Mahomes gets hurt* : Horrible play call, why would you do that!!

  • Losing Brogden will hurt them

  • That's a lot of iso ball

  • Sam Darnold played 1 game this year, and almost beat a solid Bills team - and he beat the Dallas Cowboys. Jets are much better than their record shows, they just played with dogshit backups.

  • Stephen A is hitching his wagon to hating on Baker

  • Powerful statements of energy and bravery and God wisdom

  • Man God can heal anything he’ll be fine if he prays and trust God that goes for anyone of us let’s not forget Jesus can heal anything and will do it 💯🙏🏾

  • Listen to everything you said, from the beginning. you did everything but call Jay a rotten coach. Then you went to bashing the organization when you know Jay was no more than Arena Bowl coach going up against professional NFL coaches. be for real.

  • “Mayker Vayfield” -Steven A.

  • pixar need to make a comeback with "A bug's life 2" merch will sell through the roof

  • Throw the whole video away

  • Doc was swooping In on Becky the minute she became legal

  • A.J. green to green bay

  • A gnarly set of ears...

  • He has to lose weight, he’s too big to be 6”6

  • i can’t believe this man is really on the warriors of all places.. wishing the best for you dlo🙏

  • Stephanie answers are so scripted bruh lol

  • We do this every year we find a ‘decline’ in Tom Brady and or the offense or defense and we’re like oh they’re declining then somehow they end up winning a Super bowl🤦‍♂️

  • Didn’t the Patriots BEAT Mahomes TWICE when he was an MVP throwing 50 touchdowns in a season?

  • All stars vs rookies... steve kerr just wanted a win😂

  • If you go to war do you want the most deadly soldier on the field on your side or grunts with good morals but are just ok in the battle? And this is just football. As long as he is not physically or verbally attacking his own team and actually plays and I am a 500 team who has not won the chip since the 90s. My contract offer is already mailed to Antonio.

  • Empty numbers when his average drops drastically in the playoffs. He's not that good

  • I swear this a best of 14 series

  • Aren't the patriots undefeated? Smh.. The hate for brady is real.

  • I'm tired of all these dudes being friends when they should be competing against each other

  • Let the flopping begin

  • Integrity? Not

  • Zion may be on that vibratium just like bron

  • I believe Kevin Durant is lazy to win championship because he has money now and the warrior's their always thinking about championship year and years not for him...

  • 💪🏽

  • *PLEASE READ* _For those who didn't watch the game, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, Javale McGee did not play tonight._ KCP and the reserves played Q1 and played well. When they went to the _"we're up 25pts"_ 3rd level reserves, they got steamrolled.

  • It's fucking preseason Let all hyped rooks do this 82 games in a row for 2-3 yrs. We'll see how good they're then.

  • Honestly F AB but ppl need quit hating on that man and let em play

  • whos john wall???

  • Lebron talking education level ... haha

  • Remember the ad and lebron combine for 36 and dlo and curry combine for about 60 lml with out even trying mind you this is just warm up for the warriors

  • Interviewers were expecting a buffoon and it turned out the buffoon was them.

  • no no lebron has change the way how big men play steph is the achilies heel aka kryptonite the key to slay lebron n his men

  • Lol what about today’s game

  • Thurman put up a better fight against Pacman than Broner did. But Broner had the audacity to say Thurman's bout didn't compare to him. Thurman and Broner should book a fight

  • 0-4? Nah i dont think so

  • Cam should go to the Falcons

  • This man Curry just speed boosted at 2:42

  • How many times have they played

  • I don't know which dynamic duo is worse, Curry/Russell or Harden/Russell.

  • Which Arizona wildcats were they talking about?

  • I know someone who is blind. It takes a toll 💪🏾 he’s so strong

  • The thing that Rachel gets wrong is that they're not comparable on offence at all. There's this idea that Embiid and Jokic are the same level on offence; when in reality Jokic is sooooo much better. The dude is literally the best passing big man ever... that's not hyperbole, he is the best passing big man EVER (and there are tons of stats/the eye test to back that up). He can also hit the 3, drive, play down low, play outside. Embiid isn't in the same league as Jokic offensively.

  • As much as money as Lebron and the rest of the NBA are already making, they are still willing to compromise other people’s freedoms in order to make just a little bit more. That is an unimaginable amount of greed.