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1:00How do Canadians consume cannabis?
4:37Strategic voting, explained
Strategic voting, explained意见 1.8K4 天 前
2:18:43Catalonia separatists protest in Spain


  • I can’t believe people are buying in to his lies. He doesn’t care about Canada at all He is a trader like Trudeau

  • How stupid are you to burn and destroy your own home, your city?

  • He didn’t have his paper box water cup

  • Heartwarming ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Love u pakistan


  • Support for Spanish state and police. Zero tolerance for separatists.Catalonia is Spain, Kosovo is Serbia !!! Spain is fighter against red pigs, and Serbia is fighter against islamic pigs !!!

  • Pak Army isi zindabad

  • *how are you enjoying it amber?* LMFAOOO

  • The Cuckocracy ends in 3 days!!!

  • Wow

  • Look how many Russian bots are supporting the disturbances in Barcelona as they destroy it. It's what Russia wants. Fools burning their own city.

  • The Cuckocracy ends in 3 days!!!

  • Juthtin sux dixxxxxx.

  • Gullible morons.

  • Tighter gun laws will do nothing !!! Just look at Mexico !!! They have some of the tightest gun control laws in the world ! I guess the criminals are not paying attention .

  • God bless the United We Roll movement for pushing back against these useful idiots and the rise of communism.

  • King Donald J. Trump...….is dictating which one of his properties makes a killing financially. So who pay's for the upgrades that will be needed????

  • 🇹🇷❤️🇵🇰

  • I'm right now in Lebanon and it's scary as sh** at night they start to rob shops and they start to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets and they are putting fire on buildings

  • Signs say Trump 2020 Keep America Great. NO PENCE!!!

  • he has to educate them out of the narrative. this is like a little mob. "shadow policy" pure nonsense

  • 330 Indians disliked this videos... wow Indians always tried to portray the negativity about Pakistan via its Indian Media Channels as well as the business industry BOLLYWOOD....

  • Mashallah God protact all of them..i pary 4 royals family 🤲🥰 also thanks pm. imran Khan .😘 Pakistan zinda abd🤗

  • “This incident has eroded trust...”. I wasn’t aware there was trust for the police before this murder.

  • If the West supports Hong Kong independence from China, then surely they won't mind Catalonia, Scotland, and Northern Ireland breaking away from their occupier countries right?

  • Where is indian media calling pakistan terrorist ??? So here we have beautiful terrorist with humble and peaceful environment ... Where king of the king comes and enjoy 5 days ...

  • The guy who refuses condemn terorrist of India flight, called conservative people racist and at same time he's against division, promises unrealistic socialistic plans and worst: called coalition with libs even before election saying he's not running for PM, instead to be JT's servant. What low.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much, there won’t be as many if not any humans in 2040 any way

  • NDP? I don’t trust your “scrape on the surface” promises. How will NDP do what they promise? Promises that don’t have a solution, promises that omit telling us how it will be done, why vote blindly? That would be stupid! And when the promises don’t get fulfilled? He will come back and it never got resolved because I never said how it would be done or when it would be done... For example Do you ever go on a road trip to a foreign place without doing your navigation research beforehand? This is ludicrous.

  • They wont talk about it because the Fentanyl is coming from China! But from a health care perspective this is primarily a Provincial issue. The B.C. NDP have proven to be completely worthless in tackling the opioid crisis, along with Vancouver's Mayor and Council. When someone is dropping dead every 2 hours from opioid addiction that is a provincial and city wide EMERGENCY. Vancouver needs solutions now!

  • No, they are peaceful protesters said Nancy Pelosi. Common dun be double standard. Fight for Freedom!

  • Indian bible says dogs worship Satan and must be all hunted down.

  • Carrie Lam like a rabbit caught in the headlights!

  • Hey didn't Martin try this bulshit?? And BOOM! I WONDER IF HE STILL WANTS NONE VIOLENCE.... He said before he died " i intergrated my people into a burning building" . all these sellouts aint getting no love anymore.

  • Prince nd Kate re Soo lovely .I like the 👗 of Kate in her visiting time in Pakistan.

  • Why did they have to add all the anti-colonial rhetoric. Has nothing to do with climate change. Stop living in the past. Can't apologize for generations past.

  • Awesome! Man is still number 1🤓

  • Revolution? Look what happened in Syria

  • The best president ever, Barrack Obama!

  • Believe me vote for Andrew otherwise Canada will be worst country to live in for andrew

  • 🐕🐶🐩🐺dogs...military

  • It's a shame this little girl who doesn't know anything is being pushed into a massive political controversy. It's disgusting people allow this.

  • So sad how Veterans Day only lasts one day

  • Support Spain government , Spain is a whole country ! By the way, Support Scotland independent , The England need respect their freedom ! From HongKong

  • i could do a better job defending tump cmon mickey

  • Lovely couple great

  • Just what I need..a little kid controlled by the media,telling me what’s going on

    • It's really sad, they are taking advantage of a child with special needs to push their message. That way they make you look like the bad guy when you speak out against it. It's filthy politics

  • This is amazing 😍

  • whether he was a bad or mediocre president it doesn't change the fact that Obama is a great speaker

  • People that live in Barcelona don't want Independence. Viva Espagna 🇪🇦

  • Hahaha hahaha!!! That's about the most miserable face your ever likely to see.

  • Justin, how come you're not in jail yet? Same globalist protection as Hillary? just wondering

  • He's been a little quietly lately. So much for the tough talk.

  • People, wake up. I am against violence and hate between people on this planet.

  • Go green, on the island and west van, Squamish, Sechelt. The liberals are worried that they are in for a close race in the west van, your choice we have a chance:)

  • Pence was just being briefed on his new " follow up orders "

  • Space Maids

  • Blue paint spray for recognition after protest?

  • Oh my god horrible situation

  • Ppl in Catalan! Put on masks! Occupy the airport! Beat the innocent civilians! Burn down the street! Fake the news! Give the speech at US congress! Try to split the country! Do whatever the rioters do in hongKong! The rest of the world will stand with you. If they are not, just simply because you guys are not against China. Not your fault tho. You guys just learn to adapt Double Standard, which is quite familiar to the Chinese ppl.

  • Good lord these comments are terrifying.

  • Trump is not a billionaire but he will be by time he leaves office.

  • Not everyone has the Luxary of having a home charger or garage.

  • the whole 90 mins without a scene that has police in it? when I watch the HK version, your camera is pointing at the police for 90 mins

  • 😂🤣

  • And Prince William and her wife Omg they are royal born but See that humbleness😲 This is what we called Good Humans!! 👌👏👏👏👏

  • Let's Investigate the Allegations of the RUSSIAN Backed Company that came to KENTUCKY. Now you try to pretend you are Speaking on the Behalf of the People. We are NOT Stupid, NOT all of us Watch FOX or believe the Cover Ups that's Rampant in the WH.

  • It's good to see the pm of Pakistan is and has always been good friends with the royal family.. god I remember when Princess Diana came to India and Pakistan.

  • When Princess Diana was here Imran Khan was with her can be seen in Pictures and now Again Imran Khan ❤️ is here this time when this couple visit Pakistan And now Imran Khan is legend!!!!!!! 👍👍👌👌

  • He's a great idea for Hollowbrain costumes

  • Yo, people...Read the volume of the great book 📚 that says it as it's happening and more come. You believe it or not it will happen it must happen, it's happening Right Now, and more to come. Are you ready?

  • mask mask mask

  • Jesus christ, if you cant take video games dont play them. I want guns in our country but there's always psychopaths that ruin it by killing helpless innocent people

  • BREAKING: Monkey Reads.

  • Catalonia fight!!

  • Perhaps Nancy Pelosi would like to say this is also “A beautiful sight to behold”?

  • The liberals ruined the economy. I don’t care about anything else these idiots did but when you hurt my pocket book, it’s time for you to go

  • What a disapointment of "human" beings.. cheering for fire and explosions

  • Bolton's one ugly motha*****



  • Go Max Go - PPC strong and free!!

  • Trump 2020

  • Trump is responsible. This blood is on HIS hands.

  • Beautiful couple pity we can't say the same for Nutmeg Markel and doppy prince Harry who are both hated in the UK. Prince William and Duchess Catherine are so elegant and have so much class.

  • in our eyes, hongkong are naughty children ( cmt from VN)

  • Wear your masks


  • Log pond

  • Wow Army dogs 👍

  • Anyone notice that this is all over MSM but none of the space nerds nor NASA care one way or the other?

  • Vote sense, MAX BERNIER, PPC strong and free!!!

    • A Veritas u mad? Vote for Mad Max 😡😡😡😡

  • The 3 stooges - Scheer/Trudeau/Singh

  • Hit me up for your carding tutorial, Cash out method, we sell "Fullz, D+P, Clone cards, Hacking tools, Skimming tools, ready built Skimmers and tutorial.... Telegram me..@HardwareHackz

  • Jagmeet singh next pm canada

  • Beautiful and elegant dressing by Kate and William plus very respectful to the nations culture they are visiting. Every place visited have huge importance and impact on any society. Keep up the good work.

  • Interesting.....mulvaney is making the 666 sign.....

  • Aik ye payaari bachi hai jis ne WEST mai reh kar bhi kabhi sir se dupatta nahi utara aur aik hamari besharam aur begherat actresses hain jo pakistan mai reh kar behuda kapre pehanti hain....

  • what does NBA say about catalonia?