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30:07SuperM Premiere Event
SuperM Premiere Event意见 630K15 天 前
4:45SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV
1:52SuperM Group Trailer
SuperM Group Trailer意见 3.1M25 天 前
1:40SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN
SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN意见 1.1M28 天 前
1:32SuperM Trailer : KAI
SuperM Trailer : KAI意见 1.7M个月 前
1:25AnalogTrip | Official Trailer
1:47SuperM Trailer : MARK
SuperM Trailer : MARK意见 1.8M个月 前
1:31SuperM Trailer : LUCAS
SuperM Trailer : LUCAS意见 1.4M个月 前
1:25SuperM Trailer : TEN
SuperM Trailer : TEN意见 1.5M个月 前
1:33SuperM Trailer : TAEYONG
SuperM Trailer : TAEYONG意见 1.6M个月 前
1:23SuperM Trailer : BAEKHYUN
SuperM Trailer : BAEKHYUN意见 2.2M个月 前
0:29SuperM: lNTRO
SuperM: lNTRO意见 855K个月 前
0:24MOON 'Day n Nite' VISUAL FILM
MOON 'Day n Nite' VISUAL FILM意见 62K个月 前
1:17Coogie 쿠기 'GPS' Preview
Coogie 쿠기 'GPS' Preview意见 72K2 个月 前
3:18NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 'BOOM' MV
3:28EXO-SC 세훈&찬열 'What a life' MV
3:17HYO 'Badster (English Ver.)' MV
HYO 'Badster (English Ver.)' MV意见 397K3 个月 前
3:17HYO 'Badster' MV
HYO 'Badster' MV意见 829K3 个月 前
0:21HYO 'Badster' MV Teaser (English Ver.)
0:26HYO 'Badster' MV Teaser (Korean Ver.)
4:03BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' MV
BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' MV意见 20M3 个月 前
0:23BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' MV Teaser


  • 2:36 For your and my reference hahaha

  • THESE my favorite

  • THESE my favorite

  • He really said "Don't.Ever.Try" YASSS MORKLEE!

  • 언니 거기선 연예인 하지마요

  • Cô ấy mới mất, trên mạng xã hội, Facebook, Instagram,... đâu đâu cũng nhắc đến cô ấy. Nhưng liệu sau khoảng thời gian này, sau khi mọi việc lặn xuống thì ai sẽ nhớ cô ấy... Sulli à!

  • 2007- 2014 releases: 2007: Into the new world, kissing you, baby baby, girls generation. 2008: it's fantastic, bad brother (JeTiSeo) 2009: Gee, way to go, chocolate love, Genie 2010: Oh, run devil run, hoot 2011: The boys 2012: Dancing queen (made in 2008), Twinkle(TTS) 2013: I got a boy 2014:, Holler(TTS) 2015- now: 2015: Catch me if you can, lion heart, you think, party, dear Santa (TTS) 2016: Sailing 2017: Holiday, all night. 2018: Lil touch (Oh!GG) 2019: ????????? I hope we will get something.

  • damn leeteuk looks so good wow that blonde is really doing it for him

  • 10월25일금요일

  • *GOBLIN³* ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴏғ sᴜʟʟɪ💔


  • Baby Sulli you will be missed :(

  • 역시 sm은 춤...

  • I've never thought Changmin would be this sexy!!!!! I've known him for more than 7 years and I was so sur prised that he is so attractive!!!!

  • elf can you look to my playlist? and see it if is it good for streaming or not ?? try it please

  • The song is good but the worst part is their eye make-ups made them look the same....

  • :(

  • Where's heecul

  • From #49 trending in Philippines awhile ago 44 now 46? We need to be top 10 trending Let's Go

  • Superjunior

  • ㅅㅂ 스엠 미쳤어.....? 노래 무슨일이야.,,,,

  • мужики 😭

  • someone told me to shut up about sulli's death - it was nothing negative. but i told them no and that the moment we stop talking about suicide, self harm, etc, the moment we forget. the moment we forget and it happens again we wonder what happened. stop bullying , critizing , belitting , spreading hate. it isn't cute. stop killing people with your words.

  • I'm living for Kyuhyun's pink hair!!

  • RyeoWook: "i think i need a girl like you~" Me:" is me, right". my giraffe 😍😍😘

  • 이것만 봐도 설리가 얼마나 힘들었는지 알수있다.

  • 오빠들....잘했어요~ 춤과 노래꺼지 넘 좋아요. 역시 슈퍼 주니어다!!! 언혁 오빠 머리 스타일 진짜 잘 어울요 !! 👍👍👍


  • miss 13members

  • This song always there when u play pump it up😂. who ever?🙋🙋

  • 1M ☑️ 2M ☑️ 3M ☑️ 4M 🔒5M🔒 6M🔒 7M 🔒8M🔒 9M 10M🔒

  • rest in peace Jinri noona, may another life is a beautiful blooming flower for you 💐

  • I hope cotton's solo album.

  • Spot leeteuk ripped his pants

  • I’m chinese and I couldn’t understand a word they were that my problem? I think it is and it’s concerning...

  • almost 240m

  • Meski usia sudah tak muda lagi tp lagunya tetap menawan dan uenak

  • ☹️😭❤️

  • Daaaaamnnnn

  • Amé todo el álbum pero The Cronw es la cereza del pastel

  • 0:37 I did bite the screen


  • Goblin 1 (wear basic outfit) her social phobia side, always hiding & sad after read hate comments Goblin 2 (wear colorfull weird outfit) her extrovert side, when she with her friend she looks overconfident & do weird things Goblin 3 (black outfit) her dark side who want to ged rid & blame her weak side after do some fool & weird things until getting hates, *maybe this darkside who persuade her to suicide* 😭 *Hai baby sulli, sleep well & rest in peace* ❤️

  • They are old but gold.

  • October 2019 <3

  • واحلى صباح مع سوبر كلاب يلللااااا الف بدا الشغل ما بقى شي على ٣ مليون


  • we will not give up everything we do for kyungsoo fighting dandanies and exo-l let's keep playing

  • Ok but SM needs to up their SJ budget... This MV was great and all (I especially love the costume and makeup department for all that cool tone lipstick) but Heechul needs more screen time and the promotions for this comeback is lacking

  • Every day streaming this vidio

  • Yunho’s dance + changmin’s voice = complete package.

  • God, why SM was not promoting this MV. This is very good, like oil printing.

  • Jonghyun oppa.. Sulli unnie.. I hope you are finally at peace now, we miss you 💎🌹💜🌷

  • Now everything she has said made sense😭😭😭😭😭

  • 3m👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • whoaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

  • 피자배달부가 부럽다

  • I still can't believe that she's gone! Rest in peace Sulli!

  • "did i do something wrong?" " I just want to end it "

  • Kimjuncotton

  • Yay, Indonesia. I am proud of Indonesia. my homeland..

  • Leeteuk yesung all all handsome💙💙💙💙💙

  • Whenever I search SuperM in youtube, it would always give me an ad for products of Avengers at the top lol

  • She said "would not it be better for everyone to disappear?" 😢 R.I.P Sulli

  • my superman is back 😘😘

  • Let's watch SNSD marathon..😘😘😘

  • 😍😍😍

  • Now I understand why they chose this song as their title one. SUPER Clap really suits their style, it remind you Super Junior is that kind of group that is very cheerful and kinda crazy sometimes!

    • Not sometimes, it's every single time XD

  • Oppa, your dongsaeng joined you in heaven.. please look after her well 💜🌷

  • Hopefully SM will consider their feeling and always listen to them..hear their story and care their feeling..Hopeful no more story that can hurt us..😰

  • Just report those negative comments

  • My neighbor suicided in 1999. My beloved classmate suicided in 2009. If she were still alive, she would had the same age to Sulli. And her eyes look like SULLI. RIP to all strong girls.

  • there has never been a time that i watched this video and NOT replayed 2:37 over and over again

  • Amé todo el álbum :D

  • 1,769,273 l1kes RN guys let us get it to 2M

  • Really Really it's perfect

  • 4m like ? Exo_l: yes

  • Lol lol

  • yesung

  • Goodbye Sulli This Song ALWASY remind Me After Your Death. Just remember Everyone Loves You!

  • I just came back here to say that 3:52 will always be my favorite tune in overall kpop songs ❤

  • love

  • Chị đi thật rồi

  • Taemin's Move is real resendary!

  • g

  • n

  • Oh my god😭😭

  • Really is a Time Slip: mix of their previous hit choreos. SUPER CLAP!!!

  • h

  • g

  • i

  • Go Go Go Elf

  • We can dance We can dance

  • I miss you! And break your heart luv! <3

  • 少女時代は私の幼少期を作ってくれたグループでtwiceは今の私を作ってくれてるグループ、どっちも好きだし優れすぎてる。感謝(*´-`)

  • a

  • Serius suju long wait new song

  • r

  • t

  • x